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/Technical Information
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Length of Pull from 13 ¼” to 16”
Comb Adjustment to accommodate a wide range of facial requirements


  • Comb Height Adjustment
    • Up or Down for setting your correct point of impact
    • Comb lateral adjustment (Off-set)
    • Left or Right to Center your eye on the rib line for proper alignment
  • Comb rotation adjustment
    • Get just the right feel on your face
  • Comb tilt adjustment
    • Low in Front, High in Back or Parallel with rib
  • Comb can be moved forward or back
    • To be centered on your face 


Adjustable butt plate 

  • Side to side adjustment
    • To fit your shoulder pocket
  • Cast on or cast off adjustment
  • Up or down heel and toe adjustment
    • Set up a Monte Carlo or straight stock
    • For long neck or short neck persons
  • Kick EEZ Recoil Pad


Unsurpassed felt recoil reduction

  • Reduction of 50% or greater.
  • Can be adjusted to your specific style of shooting
  • Unsurpassed comfort


Composition of Components

  • Anodized aircraft aluminum components
  • 17-4 stainless steel heat treated components
  • Grip and comb are composite materials
    • Black in color
    • Can be painted for a custom look
  • Unaffected by weather, e.g. heat, cold, moisture, etc.
  • No maintenance required
    • No Oiling required


Patents approved on Precision Fit Stocks.
Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser against manufacturing defects